Army DROPS Graduation Requirement Because “New Recruits” Can’t Do It

Ashley (Kimber)

The Army is dropping grenade throwing from Basic Combat Training graduation requirements, because new recruits can’t throw far enough.

This is what I’m picturing:

Uhhh… F’real ?

They’re getting rid of land navigation too… because apparently this generation hasn’t left their parent’s basements enough to know east from west.

I’m sorry… but isn’t the whole point of training getting better at stuff you’re going to have to do eventually?

Maybe if we spent more time and effort on recruits, and LESS on whether or not we want transgendered people’s d*** amputated on military’s dime, this wouldn’t be happening.

Just saying.

According to this:

The United States Army will no longer require recruits to show they can throw hand grenades 25 meters because many of them can’t throw the explosive far enough, it revealed on Friday.

The Army says that starting next summer it will remove the requirement from its Basic Combat Training because it takes too much time to teach enlistees to throw grenades at an adequate distance.

The new policy was reported by

‘What we have found is it is taking far, far too much time,’ said Maj. Gen. Malcolm Frost, the commanding general of the US Army Center of Initial Military Training.

‘It’s taking three to four times as much time … just to qualify folks on the hand grenade course than we had designated so what is happening is it is taking away from other aspects of training.’

‘We are finding that there are a large number of trainees that come in that quite frankly just physically don’t have the capacity to throw a hand grenade 20 to 25 to 30 meters,’ he said.

They don’t have the physical capacity?

Is this not concerning?

Recruits will also no longer be required to successfully pass the land navigation course in order to graduate.

But the Army says that enlistees will still receive the same amount of training in hand grenade proficiency and land navigation, which will be incorporated into existing training regimens.

‘Just because we took it off as a graduation requirement does not mean they won’t be conducting hand grenade or land navigation training,’ Frost said.

Right. They just don’t ever have to be any good at it…and um… HOW IS LAND NAVIGATION NOT IMPORTANT?!

‘In 10 weeks, we are on a 48-hour period; you are just not going to be able to teach someone how to throw if they haven’t thrown growing up.’

Because we have a generation of video game players growing up. Greeeat.

Additionally… some question if this is really just a way to get more women to pass…

Many who are critical of the army’s recent attempts to recruit women jumped on the news to blame increased diversity in the army for the drop in physical demands.

On Facebook, John Clayton wrote: ‘Army to lower hand grenade requirements because women do not have the strength to throw it far enough to meet existing requirements to graduate SMH.’

‘One of my female soldiers couldn’t throw a grenade so she couldn’t deploy,’ wrote Anthony Anderson.


Could this be the case? If so, this is absolutely reckless. I am ALL FOR women in the military… IF they are held to the same standards as men. Women should not be liabilities in combat because they were allowed to graduate on lesser requirements.

This isn’t about “feminism” … this is about life or death. There’s NO ROOM FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE ON THE BATTLEFIELD.

And listen… I have never served. So I probably am not the most qualified to have an opinion on this… but these guys have:

However, others contest that this has NOTHING to do with gender… people are simply weak now.

Maggie Seymour, a woman who served active duty in the Marine Corps for 10 years and is now in the reserve, said the new change has nothing to do with gender.

‘I don’t think grenade throwing is a particularly masculine skill,’ she told

She added that the argument over whether women should be allowed in combat units is ‘a ship that has sailed.’

‘The policy has been enacted to open all combat jobs to women, and it’s working just fine,’ she said.

Others said the issue was likely a problem with both men and women because of a decline in standards across the board.

At the end of fiscal year 2017, the Army had 476,000 active-duty soldiers, a decrease from its wartime high of 570,000.

The Army says it needs between 540,000-550,000 active duty troops to conducts is missions – this despite the drawdown of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Last October, the Army said it would begin accepting recruits who in years past would have been disqualified, including those who smoke marijuana.

The Army has also expressed willingness to give waivers to those with a poor educational background, those convicted of minor crimes, and those who failed standard military exams, according to USA Today.

And to make it even worse? This new generation has a lack of respect for their superiors…

That’s a NO-GO, soldier!

The military says that officers have noticed that recent classes of fresh recruits are less likely to be obedient toward the commanders.

They say that new enlistees are increasingly displaying a sense of entitlement and a lax work ethic after joining the armed forces.

‘What leaders have observed in general is they believe that there is too much of a sense of entitlement, questioning of lawful orders, not listening to instruction, too much of a buddy mentality with NCOs and officers and a lot of tardiness being late to formation and duties,’ Frost said.

I just can’t with this…