CNN Caught In Another Ridiculous Lie Designed To Make The Trump Administration Look Bad

Hannah Bleau

This administration hasn’t been without missteps, and we’ve made it clear that we’ll defend Trump when he needs to be defended (which is basically 24/7) and criticize him when he steps out of line. I’m a conservative first. My devotion lies with my principles, not a personality. That’s what makes me different from a liberal (besides being right, that is 😉 ).

Members of MSM routinely go out of their way to make Trump look bad, but they’re only hurting themselves. They could talk Actual Policy and challenge his proposals with rational arguments. I’m not opposed to them mentioning legitimate missteps. Trump should not be immune to criticism. No president should be. But it’s painfully obvious that MSM hates Trump’s guts. It will NEVER be fair and objective. Nope. Lib reporters resort to name-calling (racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, etc.) and straight up making stuff up. CNN resorted to publishing ANOTHER #FakeNews story on the Trump administration.

Chris Cillizza wrote a piece on the Trump administration’s White House staffer turnover, but he included a bunch of people who NEVER EVEN WORKED IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

It was SO wrong CNN had to rework the piece. The article might be available now, but when I tried to check it was gone.

Cillizza correctly identified a number of staffers who have left the White House over the past year, including former communications director Anthony Scaramucci, national security advisor Michael Flynn, press secretary Sean Spicer, and more.

However, in an apparent attempt to pad the number of departures, Cillizza also included staffers from the executive branch more broadly –and one person who never even made it into the administration.

“Look at this picture,” Cillizza wrote. “See if you can name all of the people — each one of whom has left the White House this year — in it.”

Included in the photo is former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who left the campaign in August 2016, well before Trump ever took office.

Also included are former FBI director James Comey, FBI acting director Andrew McCabe, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, associate attorney general Rachel Brand, deputy attorney general Sally Yates, and director of the Office of Government Ethics Walter Shaub.

Interesting! I had no idea Comey was a White House staffer.

While these individuals were a part of the executive branch, it is incorrect to identify them as part of the White House.

CNN continues to hold up its reputation as America’s #1 source of #FakeNews.

h/t Daily Caller