Amy Schumer’s New Movie Sparks Major Fan Backlash

Hannah Bleau

Amy Schumer’s starring in a new move called “I Feel Pretty.” She plays a girl with really low self-esteem. Schumer’s character dreams of having the confidence of a model. She wants to feel “undeniably” pretty. Her dreams come true after falling off a bike in a SoulCycle class. She bumps her head, has a bunch of hair ripped out and wakes up thinking she’s a super model. Long story short, her entire demeanor changes as she sees herself as a beautiful, confident woman.

I watched the trailer, and it looks more like she turns into an obnoxious skankasaurus, but that’s subject to interpretation.

The entire movie is supposed to send the message that women already have it all. They’re only limited by how they see themselves. However, not all of Schumer’s fanbase is feeling it. Some say she’s sending the OPPOSITE message.

Look– I understand the message the movie’s trying to send. It’s about how you see yourself. Schumer’s looks didn’t change. Her attitude did. The producers just did a terrible job of conveying that. I think more people have a problem with society treating the “confident” Schumer has a joke though. I don’t know.

I will not be watching this movie. Thanks but no thanks. I don’t think girls need Amy freaking Schumer to convince them they’re pretty. I know it’s idiotic to say that looks don’t matter (because we ALL obsess to some degree), but character counts more than anything. I don’t care if I sound like a 90-year-old woman. It’s the truth. Amy Schumer’s the worst example ever. Girls should NOT aim to be like her.

Yep, pretty much.