A Drunk Illegal Immigrant Crashed Into An Ambulance, Killing A Baby Boy

Ashley (Kimber)

A while back NY Mayor Bill De Blasio said that NY wouldn’t prosecute illegal aliens for dumb stuff like drunk driving, because his first priority was keeping the illegals out of law enforcement’s hands.

Yup – drunk driving is really no big deal to De Blasio. Not if an illegal immigrant does it, that is.

Well, in the span of just a few weeks an Indianapolis Colts player and his Uber driver were killed by a drunk illegal alien.

…and now this.

I wonder if De Blasio has the balls to tell us this is worth keeping the illegal aliens “safe” for?

A three-year old little boy died when the ambulance that was transporting him to the hospital for a previous situation was crashed in to by an illegal immigrant who was too drunk to even sign his name on court documents.

According to this:

A toddler who was being transported to hospital in an ambulance has died after a drunk driver struck the vehicle.

The Winston-Salem Police Department says they were informed at 6:05pm on Monday that the three-year-old boy had died at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. Authorities offered no additional details.

The boy was being taken to the hospital trauma center around 1am Sunday when a drunk driver – who turned out to be an illegal immigrant – hit the medical transport, causing it to roll over on its side, police said.

Stop and think about that for a minute.

This baby boy had “dreams” too. Do the Democrats care about him?

The driver, 27-year-old Jose Martin Duran Romero and his passenger, 33-year-old Andres Leon, initially tried to flee the scene. A witness stopped one of the men from leaving while the other was quickly apprehended by police.

Two hours after the crash, Romero submitted to a breathalyzer and registered more than two times the legal limit of alcohol in his system. Police also learned that he is in the country illegally and that he has never had a driver’s license.

According to court documents, a witness told police after the crash that Romero had ‘bloodshot, glassy eyes’, slurred speech’ and looked ‘grossly impaired’.

He was allegedly so drunk that he couldn’t even sign his name to court documents and wasn’t aware that he had hit an ambulance with a small child inside.

I can’t imagine how that little boy’s family must be feeling right now… I would want to kill that man with my own bare hands if I were them.

Gary Oakes of Wise, Virginia, said in a brief phone interview Monday that his grandson had been under medical care before the crash but didn’t want to elaborate. Asked how the family was coping, Oakes said, ‘It’s devastating.’

The boy’s mother, 27-year-old Lyndsay Ann Oakes, was in the ambulance with him and suffered minor injuries. Reached by phone, she declined to be interviewed.

The driver of the ambulance, 34-year-old Joshua Sewayne Church, and its paramedic, 55-year-old Rickey Clayton Ratliff, also sustained minor injuries.

It’s not clear why the boy was being treated before the crash, but Police Lt. Rick Newnum has said the boy was in stable condition before the ambulance was hit. The ambulance had been driving for more than three hours, after picking up the boy and his mother in Wise. The boy’s name hasn’t been released.

I just can’t. This makes me feel nauseous.

Romero faces charges of driving while intoxicated, failing to reduce speed to avoid a crash and driving without a license.

Really? What about MANSLAUGHTER!?

He was initially ordered held on $50,000 but that bail was later revoked and authorities have put him under an immigration detainer, meaning U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents will be able to take him into custody when he is released from jail for possible deportation.

Romero’s passenger was charged with failure to render aid and was ordered held on $1,000 bail, but appears to have bonded out by Sunday night.

Romero is set to make his first appearance in Forsyth District Court Tuesday morning, following by a hearing on April 17.

I hope this guy gets exactly what he deserves.

My heart aches for this family.