WARNING: There’s A Doxxer In Our Midst, And Her Name Is Ashlee Elizabeth.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

I’ve now seen three separate messages from folks who’ve alerted us to the presence of a  doxxing troll – harassing people on our Facebook page –  by the name of Ashlee Elizabeth.

BEHOLD – the message that this seahag is sending to our followers via messenger (because she’s too cowardly to post her threats publicly):

I got that screenshot via an email from a clever and competent reader.

And then, there was this post on our wall:

And this comment in one of the post threads:

And since I’m sure Ashlee Elizabeth isn’t finished, I thought I’d just share her profile with y’all here, so you can be on the lookout for her.  This is her profile photo (at least, it is as of this writing):

I don’t appreciate people threatening our community of followers.  She wants to harass people on line?  She can become a little famous for it.

So, if you get a similar message from Ashlee Elizabeth from Phoenix, Arizona, please report it to Facebook, and block her sorry assular area.

I don’t believe for a second she’s managed to get anyone fired, incidentally.  The comments made by the people who received those messages were totally benign.  Ashlee Elizabeth just wants to target conservatives and threaten them, because her life is empty and she has nothing better to do with her time.

She wants attention.  And I feel generous this afternoon.

Report and block, y’all.  Don’t let this moron intimidate you.

UPDATE:  It turns out this chick has been at this since at least October of last year.  Found this email dated October 22 from another clever and competent reader:

Here’s another message she sent one of our followers via FB messenger:

Aaaaand, because roaches can never stay hidden forever, Ashlee Elizabeth made an appearance on our FB wall about an hour or so after this post went up.  Here’s the exchange:

(Sam’s her boyfriend, by the way.)

As soon as I responded, wouldn’t you know it, Ashlee got spooked and deleted her message, but not before we were able to finally ban her from our page.  Hopefully, that diminishes her ability to harass our followers further, but I wouldn’t count her out.  Trolls like Ashlee gotta troll, after all.

If you hear from her, screenshot her message, report her to FB, and block her.  And keep your profile as locked down as you can.  There’s no reason to allow messages from people you don’t know!