Pelosi Proves Hating Trump Is The ONLY Democratic Value

Ashley (Kimber)

So… what do Democrats ACTUALLY care about, at this point?

They rattle on and on and on about “Dreamers,” so you’d figure 800,000 illegal immigrants are their one and only priority…

But let’s be real. If they actually cared about them, we wouldn’t be in the DACA mess in the first place. DACA was always little more than political grandstanding.

“Dreamers” are nothing more than a bargaining chip to Democrats.

So what else is there? Seriously.

What else do Democrats believe in?

Hating Trump. That’s it. Taking Trump down is their ONLY agenda point.

According to

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is gearing up for battle with her Republican colleagues in 2018; reportedly telling her fellow liberal legislators to “vote no” on every GOP proposal heading into the pivotal midterm elections this fall.


This is insane. You know what the Republicans should do? Write legislation about exactly what the Democrats PRETEND they want. Then when they shoot it down remind everyone that Democrats are ONLY here to hate Trump. F’real.

The House Minority Leader sent a scathing letter to her left-wing lawmakers late Sunday evening, instructing them to “show the country how the Trump budget is not a statement of our values.”

“Tomorrow, President Trump will release his 2019 budget and perhaps his infrastructure plan.  This occasion presents us with a pivotal moment in the governance of our country,” writes Pelosi.

“This week, we must pivot aggressively to show the country how the Trump budget is not a statement of our values, and how the Trump infrastructure plan harms taxpayers and consumers,” she adds. “And we must continue showing the public how unfair the GOP Tax Scam is to the middle class and halt the GOP assault on the Affordable Care Act.”

Nancy’s comments come just hours before the President is set to reveal more details of his highly-anticipated infrastructure bill. The new proposal calls for Congress to allocate roughly $1.3 trillion to help rebuild the nation’s antiquated roads, airports, bridges, and more.