Bill Murray Calls Out Democrats For Their Obsession With Identity Politics

Hannah Bleau

I have to say. Bill Murray’s crushin’ it.

He appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box and dropped some truth bombs on the reality of Democrats and their obsession with identity politics.

“It’s ‘Clash of Clans’ everyday, first thing in the morning,” Murray said.

“My friend who’s a great comedy writer, Jim Downey, he’s accused of being a right-wing comedy writer, if there is such a thing,” Murray continued. “‘No, no,’ he says, ‘I just think the way Democrats handle things is poor. They pick out little pieces of a population and say they represent it — we represent the Hispanics, we represent the LGBT, or something.’ They’re not speaking to everyone at once. It’s almost demeaning to say I’m choosing you, because you’re a splinter group, there’s almost a resentment, to say you’re my people. We’re being separated again by a politician.”

Yep. That’s exactly how it works. Divide and conquer. It’s the unfortunate reality.

h/t Daily Wire