Arianna Huffington Accidentally Proves That The #MeToo Movement Is Backfiring

Hannah Bleau

As predicted, the #MeToo pendulum is swinging way, way, WAY the other way. Mockarena talked a little bit about that here. America’s feminists have dug themselves a giant hole, and I don’t know how they’re going to crawl out. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not dismissing the core of the moment. The Harvey Weinsteins of the world NEED to be exposed. There’s no excuse for sexual assault, sexual misconduct or rape. NONE. Those legitimate offenders deserve to be called out as much as humanly possible. However, feminists are taking the movement too far. Some women are comparing a whistle to sexual assault. Some women are characterizing “bad dates” as sexual misconduct. Just look at Aziz Ansari’s case. It’s getting so far out of hand, and it’s sad. Those women are ruining it for the ACTUAL VICTIMS, and it’s making NORMAL men think twice before talking to and/or helping women. You never know if you’re dealing with a psycho feminist who will interpret a side hug as sexual assault.

That brings me to this. Arianna Huffington is really worried, because male managers aren’t as eager to mentor women anymore. GEE I WONDER WHY THAT IS?

The link goes to a pledge page, which reads in part:

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, it’s clearer than ever we need to put an end to sexual harassment. But that is not enough. There is evidence of a backlash that could be harmful to women: twice as many male managers now feel uncomfortable working alone with a woman.1 This is a step in the wrong direction. Now more than ever, we need men working with—and mentoring—women. When more women lead, workplaces are stronger and safer for everyone.

Can you BLAME men? I mean really? I certainly don’t.

Exactly. It’s not worth the risk. Some psychotic feminist could come along and ruin an innocent guy’s life and not care one bit. (Just ask Lena Dunham. She has a lot of experience in that particular area.)

In the very least, they run the risk of being accused of “mansplaining.”

Bingo. Feminists did this to themselves. How do they not realize that? We saw this coming a mile away.