Desperate Pelosi Resorts To Calling Nunes Names

Ashley (Kimber)

The House Intelligence Committee voted to release Devin Nunes’ memo to the public.

Pelosi is in panic mode.

So what does she do? She goes on CNN and calls him Nunes names.

Watch this. It’s unbelievable.


“A STOOGE of the White House”


Nancy… this is pathetic. You need to retire. This would be sad if she wasn’t such a demon.

Also… his name ain’t Dennis, Nance.

PS… if the memo is full of lies, then how does it put our national security at risk? Isn’t it all fake anyway?

Here’s my favorite part:

Can we all agree that Pelosi is suffering from dementia?

These aren’t sentences.

Yup. You can tell because her eyes are darting around a little faster than they usually do. Her facial expression remains the same.