Joe Biden Wants To Lecture Trump On ‘How A President Should Speak’

Hannah Bleau

Holy mother of ZERO self-awareness. I swear, no one has it these days.

Case in point.

Former Vice President Joe Biden wants to lecture President Trump on “how a president should speak.”

He’s obviously referring to the “sh*thole” countries remark, which Trump has denied saying. I don’t care if he did. Biden is out of his mind. It’s not about believing it. It’s about acknowledging reality. A president can’t acknowledge that crappy countries exist now? POTUS must think every country is a land of milk and honey? Are you kidding me, Joe?

That aside, is Biden REALLY in the right position to lecture Trump on “how a president should speak”? I mean…really.

This is coming from the same guy who once told a crowd that Mitt Romney and the GOP wanted to put black people back in chains. Need a refresher?

That’s a BFD Joe. Speaking of…


That’s all there is to it.