Mama June Shows Off Her 300-Pound Weight Loss With ‘Sexy’ Lingerie Shoot


Mama June is famous for being on a show where she put her child in beauty pageants and fed her children “interesting” butter concoctions.

Here’s the June that people know:

That’s not butter, June. That’s Country Crock. You’re not fooling ANYONE.

Anyway, I guess she got gastric bypass surgery and swapped the ketchup and butter noodles for salad and ice chips, because she lost 300 pounds.

Now she’s trynna’ be sexy and stuff.

Alrighty then.

I mean… good for her for losing all that weight.

I’m getting Anna Nicole Smith vibes from this. Take it as you will.

My understanding is her first show was cancelled when it was revealed that she was regularly exposing her children to registered pedophiles by dating them and bringing them into her home.

I guess somehow that’s all forgiven, because she has a new show where the whole point is trying to be sexy.

Here’s the trailer. It’s a doozy.

The PLOT TWIST is she wants to be a pageant queen now, and her young daughter will coach her.

WOW. This feels really natural and not at all scripted.

Also here’s a screen shot of this, because I know you wanted it:

Consider it help for your OWN diet… as you probably just lost your appetite for a few days.

You’re welcome.

Anyway Mama June: From Not to Hot starts back up on January 12th. I won’t be watching because I don’t have cable and because I don’t care.