Hillary TOTALLY KNEW About Weinstein- And Lena Dunham Throws Her Way, Way Under The Bus


Remember how Hillary took more than a week to say she was SHOOOOCKED about the Weinstein thing?
Bull. Sh*t.

Why do we know it’s complete and total bull?

Because even her fangirl Lena Dunham says it is. She WARNED Hillary’s people about it.

The NYT has yet another exposé on the man who started it all… and Hillary totally gets mowed down.

Not only did she keep cashing his checks… she even wanted to work with him on a documentary.

Let’s be real. It’s not like we NEEDED this proof she already knew… it was pretty obvious… but now it’s completely undeniable.

OBVIOUSLY Lena Dunham is just a Trump bot working with the Russians… right?

Hillary’s communications director TOTALLY denies the claim:

So either way… someone’s lying out of their lier lie hole. (They’re probably both lying. Both are incapable of telling the truth.)

…and I have a feeling Lena and Hillz won’t be getting together for tea and crumpets any time soon.

AAAAAHHH! The sweet, sweet glory of the left eating their own.

Feel it radiate off your skin! It’s better than sunshine!

h/t: Twitchy