Super ‘Woke’ Lib Mark Ruffalo Accidentally Throws His Liberal Friends Under The Bus

Hannah Bleau

Liberals constantly mock Trump for not thinking before he tweets, but dude. Celebrities are JUST AS BAD. (If not worse.)

“Good Ole Pedophiles.” Real knee-slapper ya got there, Mark. Super original. Quick question though. What about ALL YOUR FRIENDS IN HOLLYWOOD WHO HAVE BEEN ACCUSED OF BEING BIG, NASTY, GIANT PERVS?! Does that hit too close to home for you, Mark? Do you not want to talk about the problems within your own industry? Why won’t you talk about your pervy liberal friends, huh? What about Bill Clinton, our former rapist president? What about Anthony Weiner, the scumbag who sexted a 15-year-old girl?

And you say the GOP is full of perverts? Look around you, Mark.

I can’t take it. What a fool.

h/t Twitchy