MSM Promotes #FakeNews Story On Trump Overfeeding Fish At A Japanese Koi Pond

Hannah Bleau

The lengths these people will go to make President Trump look like a complete idiot…it actually blows my mind.

For those who don’t know, President Trump has been in Japan, visiting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Instead of focusing on things of significance, MSM decided to talk about Trump’s apparent inability to properly feed fish.

CNN’s headline read, “Trump feeds fish, winds up pouring entire box of food into Koi pond.”

CNN’s Veronica Rocha tweeted out a selectively edited video, showing just Trump dumping fish food into the pond like a maniac.

Notice how it zooms in on Trump. You can’t see what Abe is up to. Convenient.

MSM went wild.

Bloomberg White House correspondent Justin Sink tweeted that Trump and Abe were “spooning fish food into the pond” when Trump “decided to just dump the whole box in for the fish.” The problem with the attempt to paint Trump as an animal-abusing, lazy America is that Japan’s Prime Minister did the exact same thing seconds before.

BuzzFeed News ran a story headlined, “This photo of Trump dumping his carp food in a pond in japan has become a huge meme,” and embedded a series of Japanese tweets mocking the president. The Guardian even ran a story about the dangers of overfeeding fish.

“White House reporters, keen perhaps to pick up on a Trump gaffe, captured the moment when he upended his box on their smartphones and tweeted evidence of his questionable grasp of fish keeping,” The Guardian wrote. “Some speculated that a poor palace employee would be dispatched to the scene to clean up the mess as soon as the two leaders disappeared inside.”

So the desired narrative is, “Trump is an idiot and has no patience and dumped the entire box of food into the pond because he’s a moron. OUR PRESIDENT IS A CLASSLESS IMBECILE. He’s embarrassing us overseas!!!!!!”

Think I’m exaggerating? Think again.

Except…none of that is true. Abe did the same exact thing. He mimicked Abe, actually.

The same. Exact. Thing.


They won’t. Mission accomplished. Many people believe this. Once the lie gets out there, it’s difficult to put out.

h/t Fox News

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