Monica Lewinsky Jumps On The #MeToo Movement On Twitter

Hannah Bleau

If you’ve been on Twitter for longer than 5 minutes, you probably saw at least one tweet with the hashtag #MeToo. Basically, women are briefly telling their stories of sexual assault. I’m not a big fan of the hashtag, because some ridiculous feminists are using to complain about being whistled at. That is NOT the same as ACTUAL sexual abuse.

Of course, the horrid Women’s March is jumping in on this…

… as well as feminist hag Alyssa Milano.

Don’t get me wrong. There are some genuinely heartbreaking stories out there. I’m just not sure a hashtag campaign is the way to go. And it bothers me that liberals are using this as some kind of feminist rallying cry.

ANYWHO. #MeToo. It’s everywhere. And one very interesting individual decided to use the hashtag.

Monica Lewinsky.

No context. I’m guessing that was on purpose…

Sure. She COULD be referring to a different person and different situation, but COME ON. She knew where everyone’s minds would go.

But listen up. Don’t even talk about Bill Clinton. He’s irrelevant. All of that is in the past. It doesn’t even count, really.

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What a champion of women!

h/t Twitchy