Hillary Clinton Says There’s A ‘Sexual Assaulter In The Oval Office.’ She Clearly Forgot Who She’s Married To

Hannah Bleau

Hillary Clinton has condemned her best bud Harvey Weinstein for being a supreme perv. She keeps using the words “shocked” and “appalled.” She even said she was “sick” and used the word “disgusting.”

I don’t believe her. Mostly because she’s married to a rapist.

She says she commends the women who have stepped forward and are telling their stories, which is hilarious, because she actually went after her rapist husband’s accusers and called them names.

Hillary also said this isn’t just about Harvey. This is about that behavior in general. It, she says, cannot and should not be tolerated anywhere. And she literally said– I kid you not– “…this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated anywhere. Whether it’s in entertainment, politics– after all, we have someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office…”


This is a joke, right? I’m being Punk’d?

The interviewer actually pushed back and brought up how she dismissed her husband’s accusers. She basically said it was a TOTALLY different situation. You see, THAT was fine, because it “had been litigated” and that was “clearly in the past.”

Literally raping a woman = fine ’cause it was litigated and in the past

Locker room talk with a buddy = not OK even though it didn’t involve actual harassment and it was also in the past.

I can’t deal. The fact the the interviewer is able to sit there and take Hillary seriously is nauseating to me. Please please PLEASE. Someone do us a solid and allow me– or one of the Chicks, I don’t care who– to interview Hillary Clinton. I want to ask her how she expects anyone to listen to her when she continually defends her husband, who most definitely sexually assaulted multiple women and literally engaged in sexual acts in the Oval Office.

The fact that she’s even comfortable enough to say that there’s a “sexual assaulter in the Oval Office” says it all. She KNEW she wasn’t going to get a lot of pushback on that, because she KNOWS MSM is all in for her. She KNEW the dude wasn’t going to say, “How can you say that when you’re MARRIED TO ONE YOURSELF?!”

Let us interview Hillary. I promise I won’t call her a seahag unless she gets testy with me.