Twitter Users Offer To Buy Plane Tickets For Refugees So They Can Stay In J.K. Rowling’s Mansions

Hannah Bleau

J.K. Rowling is no fan of President Trump. That’s probably an understatement, but you need to know that before I go on.

Good? Good.

This story all started with a Twitter feud between J.K. Rowling and Piers Morgan.

You get the idea. But we’re going to focus on this tweet:

As you can see, Rowling cares deeply for all of these refugees. Deeply enough to house them in one of her mansions? That is the question.

Everyone wants to pitch in!

How kind of these super eeeeeeeeeevil pro-vetting individuals. While most of us don’t have mansions to house these refugees, we’re willing to work together to get them to Rowling so she can shower them with generosity and love.

Oddly enough, no word from Rowling. It’s almost like she’s a giant hypocrite or something.

What is it, Rowling? You obviously don’t lack the resources. Why won’t you house these desperate refugees? Are you– dare I ask– concerned for your personal safety? You know that makes you a giant racist these days, right?

The game changes when we make it personal, doesn’t it, Rowling?