How Many Genders Are There, Again?

Miss CJ

If you haven’t heard of Blaire White, she’s one of my favorite internet people. She’s a transgender woman who doesn’t buy into the Cult of Social Justice LGBT bullcrap about forcing society to use made-up pronouns and screaming about it when people don’t bow to their immature whims.

It is a rare unicorn when you find a trans person who isn’t solely out to make a leftist political point about gender, and just – you know – lives their freaking life without making a big deal about being trans and whatnot. Like, having Actual Hobbies that have nothing to do with gender and sexuality.

In one of her more recent videos, Blaire takes on this nonsense that there are more than two genders. She calmly explains basic biology (because, apparently, the left failed high school biology) and the difference between genetic expressions of gender, and how individual men and women choose to express themselves.

It’s actually pretty brilliant (do be warned that there is some salty language here, but if that doesn’t bother you, continue on!) –

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Therein lies the problem. You guys call yourselves “trans” and you’re not. There seems to be this new implication that anyone who is slightly gender-non-conforming or slightly varies in their masculine-to-feminine levels and characteristic traits or hobbies is somehow transgender. Just because you fail to be perfectly masculine or perfectly feminine doesn’t mean you have invented a new gender.

That’s the thing. SJWs conflate gender expression – of which there are a thousand ways to express yourself – with gender itself. They are not the same thing. Being transgender is medically diagnosable.


There are a ton of people running around, self-diagnosing themselves and creating words and buzzwords and rules for how you should interact with trans people, when they themselves are not trans. Newsflash: You are not transgender just because you cut your hair short and prefer they/them pronouns. You people simply want to call yourselves “transgender” to earn oppression points. You want to be part of a group that is “marginalized and oppressed” because you realize it’s not all that interesting in this current culture just being a run-of-the-mill person.

BINGO. That’s the whole thing with special snowflakes “identifying” as transgender (and I would argue that’s why people are so quick to identify as any type of LGBT). It’s different. It’s cool. You get all kinds of attention for it. You can cry about it on Tumblr and some internet celebrity can talk about how “stunning and brave” you are, when all you’re really doing to looking for attention. And people like Blaire White – for whom transgenderism is a Real Life Thing – have to sit back and watch their biological reality become a beating-point for the Cult of Social Justice to bully and silence society into submission.

It’s complete bullcrap. And I’m not transphobic for saying so.