Hey Sarah Silverman – How About NOT LYING OUT OF YOUR LYING LIARHOLE To Advance Your Cause?


Yesterday, on our radio show here at WIBC, Mock and I talked a little bit about how Chelsea Clinton wants her Mom to be POTUS.  Because of the SYMBOLISM of it, y'all.  Not because she'd be the best person for the job or anything.  But because it's TIME.  It's time for a woman to be president.

It's. Just. TIME.

I've been hearing that a lot lately, and it's because Democrats/liberals must have this thing called insanity.  You know, the definition of which is where you keep doing the same thing over and over again and you expect a different result.  Because as everyone recalls, they elected the first black president back in 2008, because it was just TIME.  

Remember how that worked out for us?

Dude wasn't the most qualified.  He was a freaking COMMUNITY ORGANIZER WITH A CHIP ON HIS SHOULDER.

So, when I hear women talking about it being "time," I want to clap in front of their lobotomized faces, try to get them out of their little stupid-feminazi-trance, and make them understand that THIS ISN'T HELPING WOMEN AT ALL.

In fact, it's hurting us.

Kinda like when chicks like Sarah Silverman hurt ALL WOMEN when she flat-out lies about falsities such as the gender pay gap:  

Yeah.  That was a big ol' lie.  But she's a Democrat, so you know. (See Obama.)

Al Martin, the New York Comedy Club owner, revealed that she indeed lied out of her lying liarhole.

She was "forced to apologize after she was caught lying….

Silverman has been forced to apologize after New York Comedy Club owner Al Martin revealed the story was false, because Silverman had been paid less purely because she appeared as a guest on the show – her male counterpart Todd Barry was booked for the slot.


Silverman has since apologized to Martin, who she said was "lovely" to her.  Apparently, she forgot about how "lovely" he was to her when she lied about him.  And now she wants everyone to not have her lie "undermine the gender pay gap campaign."

Because lying liberals.  And progressive feminists.  And backwards thinking.

But I repeat myself.




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