Baltimore Police Deputy Commissioner Robbed At Gunpoint

Baltimore is receiving more attention than usual this week. President Trump aimed the first spotlight on the city by suggesting that because Rep. Elijah Cummings was ignoring his district, the city has deteriorated steadily.

Instead of addressing the well documented problems in Baltimore, the Democrats have all fallen back on their well rehearsed claims that President Trump is racist.

Reports state that at approximately 9:30 p.m. on Friday night, the Baltimore Police Deputy Commissioner, Danny Murphy, was walking with his wife when two black males, exited a white SUV, showed a handgun, and demanded his property. Murphy and his wife handed over a purse, a wallet, and their cell phones without resistance.

This robbery comes soon after the announcement that Baltimore city officials have combined with federal officials to form a task force called the National Public Safety Partnership. The goal is to connect efforts and experts to address the high rate of violence in Baltimore.

Murphy was brought in from New Orleans by Police Commissioner Michael Harrison 4 months ago to assist with the restructuring of the Baltimore Police Department, after being the focus of both public outcry and federal government investigations in recent years.

Commissioner Harrison held a press conference after the robbery.

Baltimore has recently passed numerous gun laws that has made it more diffcult for private citizens to protect themselves from the violence that continues to surround them. In 2018, Baltimore is #1 when it comes to homicides, despite banning “assault weapons”, “high capacity magazines” and requiring a fingerprint submission to purchase a handgun.

Breitbart wrote about the situation in Baltimore recently.

Chicago gets a lot of press for its high murder rate and the city did, indeed, have far more murders than Baltimore in 2017. But Chicago is also far larger than Baltimore (about 3 million for Chicago versus 615,000 for Baltimore), so on a per capita basis, Maryland’s largest metropolis was far more dangerous for its citizens than even the blood-soaked Windy City.

In February, Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis sharply criticized Baltimore’s city officials by stating he would not comply if Maryland lawmakers passed a bill regarding long gun licensing and confiscation.

“Law-abiding citizens are repeatedly being penalized because of Baltimore City’s inability to control their crime. And I’m sorry — I’m not someone’s puppet,” Lewis said.

“We’re gonna let them know that we are sick and tired of being penalized for Baltimore City’s inability to control crime. If these bills pass, we will not comply,” he concluded.

Deputy Commissioner Murphy stated that the incident only strengthens his commitment to the city of Baltimore.

On Friday, two 16 year old males were arrested and charged for the armed robbery as well as an unrelated carjacking.

They were denied bail and being charged as adults.