Ilhan Omar Referred to Somalia as “Home” in 2015


So President Trump is “racist” for telling Rep. Ilhan Omar to “leave” if she hates the United States? Not so fast.

In a 2015 presentation to a group called the Revolution Somali Youth League, Rep. Ilhan Omar referred to Somalia as “our nation back home,” distinguishing between the African nation and “here in the United States.”

In the presentation, Omar encouraged the Revolution Somali Youth League participants to get involved in American politics at all levels, adding that they have “the ability to impact” political affairs in both countries.

Omar has previously minimized the 9/11 terrorist attacks as “something” that “some people did.”

She also called former President Barack Obama a “pretty face” who “got away with murder.”

Omar also refused to condemn the Antifa terrorist who attempted to firebomb an ICE facility last weekend.


Will her outrageous comments and baseless attacks ever be enough for her to be censured by the Democratic Party?




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