Is Joe Biden In or Out: Here’s the Latest

Is Joe Biden in or is he out?

Word had finally come in that he was going to announce his run for president this week.

This, after most of the other people are already in.

But now it sounds like he’s still waffling.

From Twitchy:

According to The Atlantic’s Edward-Isaac Dovere, Joe Biden’s planned presidential launch on Wednesday “has now been pushed back”:

Not a good look.


He hasn’t even declared and the wheels are already coming off.

Maybe he’s thinking about the bruising primary he knows it’s going to be, with a boatload of folks willing to run to the left to win.

As Twitchy notes, Biden already made something of a faux pas with the day he picked, choosing the same day as the “first-ever women of color presidential forum.”

Looks like he really was the VP for Barack Obama who had trouble pulling the trigger on any major decision.