MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Mocks People Who Were Concerned about Bill Clinton Tarmac Meeting with Loretta Lynch

Liberal media was desperate for the Mueller report to help support their narrative of Trump/Russia collusion and now they’re losing their minds that it didn’t.

While hoping to find anything to twist to attack Trump, they’ve constantly downplayed the many scandals of the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton, even using the expressions “but her emails” and “Obama wore a tan suit” to express how they really don’t regard them as having scandals.

A short recitation of some of the Obama scandals: Obama administration spied on the AP, spied on Fox News’ James Rosen and even on his parents, spied on the Senate and then John Brennan lied about it to Congress and got caught, exerted executive privilege to stymie the Fast and Furious probe into shipment of guns to Mexico, with Eric Holder then being found in contempt of Congress, allegedly hindered investigations of drug cartels and Islamic terrorists because they though it would harm the Iran Deal.

And of course the big unprecedented one still being investigated: spied on the Trump campaign, setting this whole hoax into motion.

In the wake of the Mueller report, MSNNC’s Chris Hayes showed the perfect example of downplaying Obama/Clinton scandals.

That’s funny to him?

And that’s part of the problem. To real journalists, that would be a big red flag, especially given it was right before former FBI Director then made the decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

But to him having that “chat” is not a scandal, something not worthy of the attention that it received.

From Washington Examiner:

Regarding Hayes’ scoffing at the 2016 “chat” between former president Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, it is important to remember what happened. The then-top law enforcement officer in the United States held an off-the-books meeting with the spouse of the target of an ongoing federal investigation from which the former attorney general had refused to recuse herself. Learning later from congressional testimony that Lynch’s Justice Department explicitly instructed the FBI not to charge Hillary Clinton with “gross negligence,” even though the former attorney general testified that she had deferred the investigation to the FBI, elevates the private tarmac meeting from ethically dubious to scandalous. In other words, Lynch appears to have saved Hillary Clinton, who faced a charge that doesn’t even require a finding of mens rea, from a campaign season indictment. In that light, Lynch’s meeting with Bill Clinton will forever mar the decision, even if it was the right call.

While we are at it, the former secretary of state maintaining a homebrew server in her personal bathroom so as to avoid normal record-keeping laws and procedures is a genuine scandal for which she deserved every bit of criticism that came her way. Likewise, the extrajudicial killing of an American citizen by drone strike is a scandal. Lying to Congress is a scandalMonitoring journalists’ phone lines is a scandal. Et cetera, et cetera.