Hidden on Page 44 of Mueller Report: Assange Calls Hillary a ‘Sadistic Sociopath’, Says Fear of Her Is Primary Reason for Leaks

There will doubtless be some interesting things coming out over the next few days from the Mueller Report.

Here’s a juicy little tidbit from the bottom of page 44.

Julian Assange’s opinion of Hillary Clinton: “She’s a bright, well-connected, sadistic sociopath.”

Some other interesting point about this.

While some have suggested that the point of WikiLeaks dump was to help Trump, Assange makes it clear that WikiLeaks didn’t back Trump or Clinton, but that they thought if the GOP won, they would be checked by the Democrats and liberal media, whereas if Hillary Clinton won, the media and Democrats would be mute whenever she did bad things.

And it’s also interesting for those who assume a connection between WikiLeaks and Russia, that in fact, the GRU seemed to have to pose as other non-Russian people to try to get the information to WikiLeaks. This would seem to bely that assumption, if the report is accurate.