Young ‘Game of Thrones’ Star Reveals She Was ‘Suicidal’ Over Online Criticism

‘Game of Thrones’ is without a doubt the most popular television show in America right now. The characters in the HBO show have basically become household names and it’s hard to go through an entire day without running into someone who wants to talk about it.

You’d think that being on a show like that would be a pretty sweet gig. But, it hasn’t been all fun and games for everyone.

Sophie Turner (a.k.a. Sansa Stark) recently opened up about what her life was like on the show.

From Fox News:

“I was so in love with [‘Game of Thrones’]… I couldn’t believe I was going to get paid for it… Everything was incredible,” Turner began to explain to Dr. Phil. “It only started to kind of go downhill I think when I started to hit puberty, really puberty though at like 17, and my metabolism was slowing down massively, and I was gaining weight, and there was social media scrutiny and everything — and that’s when it kind of hit me.”

Asked if social media was what caused her depression, the 23-year-old actress emphasized that it was a contributing factor, but not the whole reason.

“I think it contributed. I wouldn’t say that was the main reason. I think it was some sort of chemical imbalance. I think it definitely was a bit of a catalyst.”

Turner explained that people would scrutinize her appearance and acting abilities, which affected her. “You see 10 great comments and you ignore them, but one negative comment and it just like throws you off.”

“… People used to say, ‘Damn, Sansa gained 10 lbs’ or ‘Sansa needs to lose 10 lbs or ‘Sansa got fat,'” she recalled. “It was just a lot of weight comments, or I would have spotty skin, because I was a teenager, and that’s normal, and I used to get a lot of comments about my skin and my weight and how I wasn’t a good actress and things like that.

Turner went on to tell Dr. Phil that her depression led her to be “withdrawn” when she wasn’t filming.

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From Page Six:

Turner, 23, said she’s suffered from depression for “about five or six years.”

“The biggest challenge for me is just getting out of bed and getting out of the house, and learning to love yourself is the biggest challenge I think,” she shared.

Eventually, Turner’s depression became too much and she started contemplating ending it all.

There are going to be plenty of people out there who dismiss this kind of complaint because of how rich and famous she is but it just goes to show you that you never know what’s going on with someone behind the scenes.

Be kind to each other, people.