Conservatives Outraged at CBS Drama for Posting Image with ‘Assasinate,’ ‘President,’ ‘Trump’

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CBS’ “The Good Wife” spinoff series, “The Good Fight” is getting backlash after tweeting an image from one of its episodes that shows a list of “target words” including “Assassinate,” “President” and “Trump ” in one column and then a second column with the words: “Mar-a-Lago” and “Eliminate.”

And the episode of the show that the tweet referenced one the characters becoming involved with a “female resistance group” trying to undermine Trump’s approval.

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From Fox News:

The tweet, which has since been deleted, did not provide context for the list. Instead, it asked viewers if they could find the Easter egg. The egg reference ended up being linked to Kalinda, a popular character in “The Good Wife,” whose name was in the second column.

People were not amused.

In fact, not only did some find the tweet despicable, they thought it sufficiently “inciting” to report the tweet to the FBI.

One user tweeted: “Yes, @CBS this is despicable to run subliminal messages encouraging the assassination of the president @realDonaldTrump I hope @SecretService investigates @thegoodfight thoroughly.”

Another shared : “You know I just reported this to the FBI. Thank you for breaking the law.”

“This is absolutely abhorrent and cannot be tolerated. Will @CBS allow this garbage? The show should be dropped immediately.”

Another user said they will hit CBS where it hurts the most.

CBS declined to explain themselves or what they were doing with that tweet when asked by Fox.

Democrats have been spinning for the last few days, trying to claim that Trump merely quoting Ilhan Omar’s video comments about 9/11 is somehow “inciting.”

So where are they to condemn this when there are actual “inciting” words?