Leftist NYU Instructor Questions Why the Memory of 9/11 Is ‘Sacred’

Why were people disturbed with Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) being dismissive about 9/11?

Because it was the deadliest attack on American soil, killing almost 3000 people and wounding 6000. And most Americans alive at the time felt it deeply to the core of their being. They know where they were at the time.

The world seemed to stop when the second plane hit and we knew then it was a deliberate terrorist attack. And when the first tower went down and then the second, the horror of the loss of all the people was almost too much to bear.

It was something most Americans understand and share.

But apparently Talia Lavin missed the memo.

Lavin is someone who made news in the past when she worked for the New Yorker as a fact-checker and she smeared a Marine Corps double-amputee veteran who now works for ICE, wrongly identifying a tattoo he had as a Nazi symbol.

She lost that job, then went on to write for the far left Media Matters as an ‘expert’ on the ‘alt-right’ and got a job teaching at NYU teaching a class on the ‘Far Right.’

But she’s apparently still on the quest to have the worst take ever to the Omar comments.

Here’s her entry:

So the defense of Omar even goes there now. Definition help for Lavin? Sacred = regarded with great respect and reverence.

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