Liberals Suffer Full Blown Meltdown Over Trump’s Plan to Dump Migrants in Democrat Cities

WATCH: Look what former acting director of ICE calls sanctuary cities

Donald Trump is strongly considering dumping migrants in Democrat cities. You’d think they’d love that idea right? They love open borders.


Turns out liberals don’t like this idea and they are freaking out about it.

From The Daily Caller:

The Trump administration’s discussion of a plan to drop illegal migrants off in sanctuary cities met with an unexpected pushback Thursday from some of the most vocal advocates of laxer immigration laws.

Actress Alyssa Milano, who has long been an advocate for fewer restrictions on migrant families, called the move “sick and twisted.”

Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro lamented “the cruelty of this administration.”

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin took things a step further, claiming Trump was using people like “pestilence to spread around the country.”


You’d think the response from Democrats would be “sure! no problem!” and we would move on. But, they are upset and lashing out and Trump. Tells you something doesn’t it?