Eric Holder Slams America: ‘Exactly When Did You Think America Was Great?’

Former Attorney General Eric Holder pondered trying to run for president in 2020, but announced this month he wouldn’t be doing so.

However he’s still very active, leading the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, trying to accuse Republicans of gerrymandering districts and he’s still considered a formidable power player behind the scenes.

So what does this formidable Democratic power player have to say about America?

He told MSNBC’s Ari Melber that America was never great.

From Free Beacon:

Holder’s comment came in response to a question from host Ari Melber about how it was possible to call America a “leader as a democracy” during the 1800s when women and African-Americans could not vote.

“When I hear these things about ‘Let’s make America great again,’ I think to myself: ‘Exactly when did you think America was great?'” Holder said, in reference to the President Donald Trump’s slogan, which he used frequently at rallies and on merchandising during the 2016 presidential election.

This is a window into what Democrats truly think.

How do you want to represent American without understanding its greatness or its uniqueness in the world and in history?

Democrats claim to care about immigration but have no appreciation for why immigrants have always come to the U.S. and are appreciated, legally, because we are a beacon to the world of freedom. Because our Constitution guarantees those individual rights that they are often denied in their countries, that we as a constitutional republic uniquely designed.

He continued outlining why he thought America was never great to Melber.

“It certainly wasn’t when people were enslaved,” he said. “It certainly wasn’t when women didn’t have the right to vote. It certainly wasn’t when the LGBT community was denied the rights to which it was entitled.”

“Does that phrase echo as discrimination in your ears?” Melber asked.

“It takes us back to, I think, an American past that never really in fact existed with this notion of greatness,” Holder said. “America has done superb things, has done great things, and it has been a leader in a whole range of things, but we are always a work in progress.”

According to Holder, the Trump slogan “Make America Great Again” is “inconsistent with who were are as Americans at our best.”

Holder also showed he doesn’t understand the Constitutional design by saying recently he wanted to get rid of the Electoral College, calling it a “defect in our democracy.”


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