Trump Breaks His Silence After Mueller Report Drops, First Tweets Break the Left

Many were wondering what President Donald Trump’s reaction would be to the word that the Mueller investigation was over and that there would be no more indictments forthcoming.

Trump had not tweeted in 40 hours, somewhat unusual for the prolific tweeter.

He was in Florida at Mar-a-Lago for the weekend and appeared in great spirits playing golf with Kid Rock on Saturday and dropping in on the Palm Beach Republican Lincoln Day Dinner.

But he finally tweeted on Sunday, appearing to be in a terrific mood.

First there was this:

And then this:

Those simple cheerful tweets sparked the right and just seemed to break the left.

One Twitter user coined the perfect word for the left’s response:

AG William Barr suggested that the top line conclusions of the report could be shared as early as this weekend which seems to suggest they are not overly complex. They still have to evaluate what should and should not be redacted as classified, if anything, or anything that may pertain to privilege.

But the indication that there would be no further indictments with nothing publicly even approaching criminal collusion or conspiracy with Russia seems to bode well for the report.

Good morning, Mr. President. It’s morning in America again…


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