The Media’s Disgraceful Coverage of Jussie Smollett’s Hoax

Nothing seemed to add up in Empire star Jussie Smollett’s hate crime case. He said he was attacked by two white Trump supporters at 2 am, while he went out to get a Subway sandwich in a swanky part of Chicago. Two masked men supposedly yelled “MAGA Country,” beat him up, put a noose around his neck, and poured bleach on his clothes.

Almost no real Trump supporters believed any of this nonsense from the start. The case had all the markings of a fake hate crime:

  • The noose and bleach sound made up
  • No one in the MAGA movement calls America “MAGA country”
  • The attack happened in ultra-liberal, ultra-corrupt Chicago
  • He walked home from the attack wearing the noose, which he was still wearing when the police arrived later
  • He didn’t forget to take the Subway sandwich home
  • The surveillance cameras didn’t show an attack
  • He transported himself to the hospital
  • He was barely injured at all, with only a small scratch on his face
  • He sang in concert less than a week after supposedly sustaining “rib injuries”
  • He hates Trump and previously campaigned with Kamala Harris
  • He refused to turn his cell phone over to Chicago Police

We weren’t buying it:

But the media immediately took everything Smollett said at face value:

Democratic Presidential candidate Kamala Harris called the attack an “attempted modern day lynching”:

The Washington Post featured the attack as a “highlight” of the “hate” faced by “black gay Americans” throughout our nation:

Then Hollywood weighed in on the attack. After all, “what kind of country do we live in” where these things happen?

Suspicions grew in conservative circles that the whole attack was a hoax. Meanwhile, the media focused exclusively on Smollett’s frustration over “inaccuracies and misrepresentations”:

When Smollett was able to perform in concert just a few days after the attack, the media didn’t bat an eye about the rib injury. They simply reiterated the “racist” and “homophobic” motives of the attack, and let us know that he was “OK”:

Smollett was refusing to turn over his phone. Instead, he provided records to police that were “not sufficient”:

A few days later, Smollett went on TV and said he was “forever changed” by the attack. Despite growing suspicion about his story, the media still reported it without a hint of doubt:

Smollett let the world know that “doubters” didn’t want to “see the truth,” because he wasn’t like people who are “Mexican” or “Muslim”:

Then the police questioned one of the “persons of interest” in the attack. Oddly enough, that “person” was on the show Empire with Smollett:

Here is a photo of the lead cast members on Empire. They sure don’t look like white supremacists:

And then two suspects were arrested in connection with the attack, still no pictures of them, only of Smollett:

According to the Washington Post, there was “no evidence” of a hoax:

The same day, two men were arrested. Everywhere you go, the media don’t show any pictures of the two “brothers,” who were “potential suspects”:

The media are finally admitting that the truth could “change the story,” but still aren’t publishing the former suspects’ pictures:

Here are the guys who supposedly “attacked” Smollett.

We’re living in a post-truth world.


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