EXCLUSIVE: Ralph Northam Recruited Andrew McCabe’s Wife to Run for State Senate

It’s been a bad month for Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. He faced massive backlash after supporting post-birth abortion. Then his medical school yearbook photo went viral, revealing a picture of him in blackface standing next to someone in a Ku Kux Klan uniform.

At the same time, disgraced FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is on his book tour, bragging about participating in a coup attempt against President Trump and colluding with Rod Rosenstein to misuse the 25th Amendment and say the best president in decades is “mentally unfit” for office.

Aside from both being unhinged Trump-haters, Northam and McCabe have a special relationship: Northam personally convinced McCabe’s wife to run for elected office, after which Clinton crony and then-Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe bumped off the primary challenger and showered the McCabe campaign with cash.

President Trump already knows about McCabe, McAuliffe, and a large amount of cash changing hands.

He probably doesn’t know that then-Lt. Gov. Northam picked McCabe’s wife out of thin air, and that she was the least likely candidate in Democratic Party history to receive nearly $1.7 million in questionable campaign donations–some of which were raised by Hillary Clinton herself.

The backlinks to McCabe’s campaign website contain an interview that sheds new light on how Northam “recruited” McCabe, seemingly out of nowhere:

  • McCabe had never run for elected office
  • She had “never even thought” of running for elected office before Northam “recruited” her
  • She had only recently become focused on “local politics”
  • Northam called McCabe to convince her to run for office
  • Northam had never met McCabe at the time he contacted her

In addition to having no known history with McAuliffe or Northam, McCabe also had no known history with the Democratic Party.

According to a left-leaning Virgina political blog, Dr. McCabe voted as a Republican in the 2012 presidential primary.

The same blog complained that McCabe was being installed by McAuliffe-led “Richmond.” McAuliffe reportedly demanded that McCabe’s only primary challenger, longtime Democrat and former prosecutor Col. Tom Mulrine, step aside to clear the primary field for McCabe. This was remarkable, considering that McCabe had no experience as a candidate for public office. She also had limited name recognition and her political positions were completely untested.

Dr. McCabe had also never donated to a Democrat campaign or the DNC. Her first (and only) donation to Democrats was to Ralph Northam and herself, after announcing her run for state senate.

Lifetime donations to Virginia campaigns showed no pre-campaign donations to Democratic candidates. A similar national search returned no results. Source: www.vpap.org

With no prior political experience, no donations to Democrats, and even voting for a Republican in the 2012 presidential primary, Dr. McCabe seems like the last person in Virginia who would be selected by the upper echelon of the Democratic Party to run for elected office, and even less likely to receive $1.68 million for her campaign.

McAuliffe’s own Common Good VA PAC donated $467,500 to McCabe’s campaign, and McAuliffe steered $207,788 in “in kind” donations from the Virginia Democratic Party. In total, McAuliffe was personally responsible for directing $675,000 to McCabe, who received a total of $1.68 million in mostly large donations from Democrat-aligned individuals and PACs, including a whopping $168,675 from Planned Parenthood and $23,000 from Emily’s List:

An incomplete list of donors to Jill McCabe’s state senate campaign. Source: www.vpap.org

Dr. McCabe lost her campaign to Republican Dick Black in November 2015.

Andrew McCabe started overseeing the Clinton investigation in February 2016, when Director James Comey promoted him to Deputy Director.

Both the McCabes and McAuliffe claim that Dr. McCabe’s senate campaign was over when Dep. Dir. McCabe was promoted to oversee Hillary Clinton’s case, so it’s impossible there was any influence-peddling involved.

However, the FBI was very much involved in Hillary’s case at the same time that Northam and McAuliffe “recruited” her to run for office.

During February 2015, the FBI was assisting the State Department by reviewing Hillary’s emails for classified information. The FBI representative found a a CENTCOM email containing Top Secret information–which exposed Hillary to possible felony charges:

Source: written interview notes taken from the Hillary Clinton FBI investigation file, showing discovery of CENTCOM email in Feb. 2015.

The same month, Northam cold-called Dr. McCabe and “recruited” her to run.

A week or two later, on March 2, 2015, the New York Times reported that Hillary Clinton used only a private email address for all emails sent or received as Secretary of State.

On March 7, 2015, McAuliffe and “other Virginia Democrats” met with Dr. Jill McCabe in person to ask her to run for office.

At the end of March 2015, at least one month after the FBI and DOJ already knew Hillary had Top Secret classified email on a private server, Hillary’s IT tech deleted her emails with Bleach Bit, rendering them forensically unrecoverable.

On June 26, 2015, Hillary Clinton appeared at a McAuliffe fundraiser, which took in $1 million for local Democratic candidates.

During October 2015, McAuliffe’s PAC donated $450,000 to Dr. McCabe’s campaign.

In October 2015 alone, Gov. McAuliffe’s PAC donated $450,000 to Dr. Jill McCabe’s senate campaign.

If Comey’s FBI were interested in national security, agents would have immediately seized Hillary’s servers and devices once the CENTCOM email was discovered in February. For no discernable reason, the FBI waited to open a case until it got a public referral from the Intelligence Community Inspector General five months later. Then additional months passed before McCabe’s hand-picked lead agent, Peter Strzok, obtained consent from Hillary’s lawyer to finally take the server into custody.

Although he wasn’t personally overseeing the investigation during his wife’s campaign, Andrew McCabe was head of the Washington Field Office, which loaned agents to the Clinton email case being run out of FBI Headquarters. By the time McCabe formally took over in February 2016, much of the potential evidence had been destroyed.

It’s hard to find an innocent explanation for Northam hand-picking Dr. McCabe from out of nowhere. Why would he pick someone who had never run for office, had limited name recognition, and had no known associations with the Democratic Party?

Given the timing of her “recruitment,” and what happened afterward at the FBI, picking McCabe looks a lot more like influence peddling than politics. Where would they even get her name if she had no interest in running?


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