Former Staffers Speak Out Against Klobuchar, Raising Serious Questions

Former staffers of Democrat Senator and presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar are not exactly giving her glowing reviews. In fact, many of them who have come forward are describing her to be the opposite of what people expect in a potential president.

As the Yahoo News reports, more than a dozen people who were formerly hired by Klobuchar described her office and workplace environment to be “governed by fear and dread.”

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On the day she announced her intention to run for the presidency of the United States at a rally in Minneapolis, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., faced intense headwinds in the form of reports that she has been routinely demeaning to employees in her Washington office. Those accusations, which have been countered by allegations of sexism, present the first significant challenge to the 58-year-old former prosecutor, who is the fifth woman to have entered the Democratic primary for the 2020 presidential contest.

But conversations with more than a dozen current and former staffers lead to a more complex portrait, one that is significantly at odds with the image of “Midwestern nice” that has coalesced around Klobuchar in recent months. While some of those who worked for her remain ferociously supportive of the senior senator from Minnesota, others allege that her record of mistreating and even abusing staff makes her as unfit for office as the man she is trying to replace.

A number of former staffers — both male and female — describe a workplace environment governed by fear and dread, one in which Klobuchar treated her Capitol Hill staffers with cruelty and humiliation, while fixating on seemingly minor issues. A minor mistake in an internal document, for example, could lead to a “multi-day affair,” one former staffer said. Like other Klobuchar alumni, she described haranguing late-night phone calls and critical emails written in all caps, sometimes sent in quick succession.

According to the report, one such staffer described her behavior and actions as “disqualifying.”

“The way she treats staff is disqualifying,” the former employee said, per Yahoo News.

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Klobuchar has one of the highest rates of staff turnover in Congress, according to congressional research site LegiStorm. Last year, that led to Politico calling her one of “the worst bosses” in Congress. And though Klobuchar’s alleged mistreatment has been an open secret in Washington for years, it had also gone largely unmentioned in press reports. That changed last week, when HuffPost — which, like Yahoo News, is part of Verizon Media — published a report that said that Klobuchar’s reputation had hindered her in hiring a campaign manager.

And, from the Washington Examiner:

In the latest example, three former staffers and a Capitol Hill veteran told Yahoo News that when the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate would find out staffers were leaving for other jobs, she would call their new employers to have the offers withdrawn.

According to the report, the Senator recognized her toughness on Monday, during an appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

During the interview, Klobuchar said: “I love my staff. I wouldn’t be where I am and we wouldn’t be able to pass all those bills and do all that work if we didn’t have great staff. I am tough. I push people, that is true.”

She continued: “But my point is, is that I have high expectations for myself, I have high expectations for the people that work for me, and I have high expectations for this country.”