Democrat Co-Sponsor of Green New Deal Complains When McConnell Calls for Vote on It

Folks on the far left have been telling Americans that the “climate is in crisis” and that things like the Green New Deal are a necessity to save the planet.

Indeed, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) even argued we only have about twelve years left.

So it’s an emergency to get it done, right?

Except maybe not so much.

Because when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he wanted to call for a vote on the resolution, Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA), Ocasio-Cortez’s co-sponsor of the bill, balked.

From Free Beacon:

“Don’t let Mitch McConnell fool you: this is nothing but an attempt to sabotage the movement we are building. He wants to silence your voice so Republicans don’t have to explain why they are climate change deniers. McConnell wants this to be the end, this is just the beginning,” Markey wrote Tuesday.

Markey wrote in a follow-up tweet, warning Senate Democrats “This isn’t a new Republican trick. By rushing a vote on the #GreenNewDeal resolution, Republicans want to avoid a true national debate & kill our efforts to organize. We’re having the first national conversation on climate change in a decade. We can’t let Republicans sabotage it.”[….]

“A Green New Deal is about jobs, and it is about justice. It would be the greatest blue-collar jobs program in a generation and repair the historic oppression of frontline and vulnerable communities that have born the worst burdens of our fossil fuel economy, all while saving the planet.”

So calling for a vote on the resolution you propose is now “sabotage?” This is after he said that climate change should be “the highest of Congressional priorities?”

People thought that was hilarious.

Of course, the problem is that the vote now would require more people to actually look at how crazy it is and it would put people on record. And while it does have support among the Democratic senators trying to pitch to the far left to win the 2020 nomination, it doesn’t have the same appeal to a lot of others, like Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who referred to it as the “green dream.”

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