Gladys Knight Schools Don Lemon After He Tries to Shame Her For Singing National Anthem at the Super Bowl

One of the best things about Super Bowl LIII was, without question, the national anthem sung by the iconic Gladys Knight.

Here’s the wonderful rendition from the Empress of Soul:

But after she sang, CNN’s Don Lemon interviewed her last night and seemed to try to put her on the spot for doing so.

He played the words of Mark Geragos at her. Geragos, Colin Kaepernick’s lawyer, said that people who performed during the Super Bowl were crossing an “intellectual picket line.”

Lemon asked the singer what she thought of that comment. Lemon even asked her if she feared for her career after having performed.

And she wasn’t having ANY of that. Watch her legendary exchange:

She spoke about how she grew up singing it in school (and also mentioned how there used to be prayer in schools). She spoke about what it meant to her and how people really needed to listen to it to understand it and what it’s about.

She noted that she still has family in the military and that the anthem also has special meaning to them.

People called Lemon out for his questioning of the singer.

Those threats and that kind of stuff didn’t stop her from doing what she thought was right.

So huge respect to Gladys Knight not only for the greatness of her voice but for the greatness of her heart.

HT: Twitchy