Border Patrol Facing Flood of ‘Hundreds’ of Sick Migrants with Serious Illnesses

The Customs and Border Patrol are reporting that in addition to all the other problems presented by migrant caravans, that CBP has had to treat hundreds of sick migrants for serious illnesses, including flesh-eating disease and scabies.

From Daily Wire:

The Washington Examiner reports that “Border Patrol agents have spent nearly 20,000 hours since October driving asylum seekers to and from hospitals for medical evaluations, according to newly released Department of Homeland Security data.”

That involved treating 2,224 asylum-seeking migrants, largely from Guatemala and Honduras. The dramatic spike coincides with the arrival of so-called “migrant caravans” from both countries. Those 2,224 migrants all required hospitalization because their advanced or complicated diseases could not be treated with standard medical care at border patrol facilities.

That’s an incredible amount of time for agents to have to devote which keeps them away from other responsibilities for securing the border.

Plus it exposes the agents and potentially the people at the facilities and hospitals where they have to take the sick illegal aliens.

But the CBP isn’t taking any chances after two migrant children died from diseases that they had when they came in.

But transferring migrants to U.S. urgent care facilities also has its risks. In just the last month, CBP has encountered a number of migrants with serious, communicable diseases that could create problems for legal Americans who use the same facilities. CBP has, in recent weeks, handled a massive outbreak of scabies, the Examiner reports, a parasitic skin infection that is highly contagious, and the Hidalgo New Mexico medical facilities encountered at least one migrant with a severe case of flesh-eating bacteria.

The Associated Press reports that the migrant with flesh-eating disease complained of a “rash” and was transferred to medical care before agents knew the extent of his illness.

“A statement from border patrol officials said the unidentified migrant will require extensive medical treatment. Antunez said he could not provide more details or the man’s condition,” the AP reports. “Sometimes surgery is needed to remove the infected area. It’s rare for the infection to spread to other people.”

Another big problem?

The migrants coming in are not vaccinated and so may be carrying diseases of which neither they nor the CBP are aware.

“The biggest concern that I’ve heard about is not that they’re disease-ridden, but the fact that they don’t vaccinate. I mean, it would become a county epidemic,” one hospital worker told the Examiner. “The comment was made that a good 20 of the immigrants walked in with Border Patrol and all of the local residents that were there waiting for appointments were kind of pushed to the side and several of the people got up and left because they didn’t want to be around any type of illness they could be bringing in.”

There have been thousands of illegal aliens detained since October.

And word is another migrant caravan is on the way, perhaps the biggest so far with an estimated 12,000 people, by some counts.