GOP Rep. Floats Brilliant Idea To End This Gov’t Shutdown Once And For All

The government shutdown continues to drag on and it doesn’t appear that there is any end in sight. Trump proposed a reasonable compromise over the weekend and Democrats rejected the offer before Trump even made it. They have no interest in negotiating and it really doesn’t look like they have any interest in keep Americans safe at the border.

How will this situation finally be brought to a close?

GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin has a great idea.


Stop paying members of Congress. That would get things resolved real quick.

From Breitbart:

In his Sunday appearance on New York AM 970 radio’s “The Cats Roundtable” with John Catsimatidis, Rep. Lee Zeldin’s (R-NY) commented on the ongoing partial government shutdown, saying if pay for Congress were to be cut off, there would be a budget deal for border wall funding in as soon as 45 minutes.

“It’s difficult to miss one paycheck. It becomes increasingly difficult to miss a second paycheck,” Zeldin told Catsimatidis. “I really do believe that you should lock every member of Congress in a room, bring the president in, no phones, no pay, you’re not leaving until there’s white smoke; you need to negotiate, compromise with each other, with the president. And I think you can have a deal within maybe it’s 45 minutes, maybe it’s four hours

It is a little strange that members of Congress are still getting paid. Why? They aren’t doing their jobs. Nancy Pelosi wasn’t even going to be in Washington she tried to fly out to Afghanistan rather than do her job. Why in the world would she get paid for that?

Zeldin is right. Stop paying Congress and then see how long this shutdown lasts. In fact, there probably won’t be many shutdowns in the future if members of Congress know their pay is at stake.