Alyssa Milano Attacks the Covington Kids, Has New Name for MAGA Hat

One of the things that was wrong about the viral incident with the Covington Catholic boys, among many things, was that they were targeted first for harassment by adults in the situation because of their MAGA hats.

But then on top of the being called every racist name in the book and being told to “Go back to Europe,” media being media then attacked them because of the hats, without stopping to look at the videos of the incident or even talking to any of the kids, the normal journalistic practice. They simply printed what Mr. Phillips said without questioning or investigating further.

And because they wore the hats, folks on the left didn’t feel they had to accord any respect or humanity to the kids as they targeted them in the aftermath. The left who in the wake of the Parkland shooting said that kids who then choose to speak in the public arena couldn’t even be criticized for what they said, then felt it was fine to destroy the lives of these kids.

Even as more evidence that the original viral video and early reports of the encounter between a Native American protester and a group of students from an all-boys Catholic high school grossly misrepresented what actually took place, celebrities continued to take to social media to offer their ill-informed hot takes.

Far left actress Alyssa Milano is blaming the red hat for the incident. And she has a new name for it.

From Daily Wire:

As Twitchy points out, Griffin’s fellow left-wing celebrity Alyssa Milano also felt compelled to weigh in on the Covington Catholic story on Sunday, and offered a new name for MAGA hats in the process. She also managed to blame “white boys” for all the problems plaguing “humanity.”

“The red MAGA hat is the new white hood,” she wrote. “Without white boys being able to empathize with other people, humanity will continue to destroy itself.”

How is that not racist? Not to mention crazy.

This is demonizing a piece of clothing, much like they demonize a gun. And it’s demonizing support of the president.

If anything, it’s the people wearing the hat who have been attacked over time, just as we saw in this case, because of people with the leftist ideology of Milano.

Nathan Phillips claimed that the MAGA kids chanted “build the wall” and made racial epithets to them and the Black Israelite group that was there.

But the video didn’t support the claim, showing not only none of that but showing that both adult groups hurled racial insults at the Covington Catholic kids. The students were called “crackers,” “fa**ots,” “incest children,” “future school shooters,” and told to “go back to Europe.”

Nicholas Sandmann, the student at the center of the matter, issued a statement denying that they had insulted or taunted either group. He said he stood there and took it because he was trying to “diffuse the situation” and as a Catholic, didn’t want to respond back inappropriately to the actions of the adults.

But why let facts derail the narrative Milano wants to push?

HT: Twitchy