Trump Signs Bill Guaranteeing Back Pay To Furloughed Federal Employees When Gov’t Opens Again

The media has been telling us for weeks now about how terrible life is for the government workers who have been furloughed during the shutdown. Obviously, no one wants to see people out of work and it’s probably not easy missing paychecks.

However, when Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are parading the furloughed workers around telling us the sob stories they are missing out one very important aspect.

These workers are going to get back pay. They will eventually be paid all this money they are missing out on.

Trump just made sure of that.

From The Daily Wire:

On January 10, the United States Senate unanimously passed S.24, or the “Government Employee Fair Treatment Act,” which would provide back pay for hundreds of thousands of federal employees after the end of the partial government shutdown.

On January 11, the bill was passed by the House of Representatives with extraordinary bipartisan support (411 – 7), and passed on to the president for his signature.

President Trump signed the “Government Employee Fair Treatment Act” into law on Wednesday.

That should definitely mean something to these workers and it’s weird how we NEVER hear about that on CNN or MSNBC.

It’s a tough situation. A situation caused by Democrats refusing to protect the American people and secure the border.

Pelosi and the Democrats are unwilling to negotiate. That’s on them.