De Blasio Pitches Redistribution: ‘There’s Plenty of Money in the World, It’s Just in the Wrong Hands’

How far left can Democrats go?

Well, with 2020 coming up, you’re going to see many trying to run as far left as they can to grab the attention of the base.

But New York Mayor Bill de Blasio was already on the far left, he doesn’t have to run there.

But that said, even for him, his most recent statement was pretty out there.

He was on CNN with Jake Tapper when Tapper asked him about comments he made during his State of the City speech this past week.

From Free Beacon:

“Here’s the truth, brothers and sisters, there’s plenty of money in the world. Plenty of money in this city,” the mayor said, flanked by screens with graphs of productivity outpacing compensation. “It’s just in the wrong hands!” de Blasio said.

“Who decides whose hands are the right hands and whose hands are the wrong hands?” Tapper asked.

Democrats like de Blasio, of course.

De Blasio argued that the “one precent” was rigging the system for tax breaks for the “wealthy” and “corporations” like the recent tax reform with actually gave back money to 80% of Americans.

“I said in the speech this has been an agenda from Reagan’s administration right on through to Trump to take money from working people and give it to the one percent. So when I say there’s plenty of money in this country, it’s just in the wrong hands, it means to say we need policies that give back to working people. Like guaranteeing health care for all,” de Blasio said.

Tapper pointed out that de Blasio’s argument was based on the principle that “people have money and it’s wrong that they have money.”

“Who decides whether it’s wrong?” Tapper asked.

De Blasio doesn’t explain how the rich are taking money from the working people. But he would see that any money the “rich” made be redistributed to the working people. Can we safely call that communistic because it sure sounds like it.

“It’s clear to me why it’s wrong because government policies gave the one percent every conceivable leg up. This was not by accident. As I say, this was an agenda. It was systematic. You go back decades, you go back even to the time of Dwight Eisenhower. We had some of the highest tax rates on the wealthy that this country ever saw. We had a prosperous country. We had that prosperity pretty well shared among different people, including working people in this country,” de Blasio said.

But there were also massive deductions that also mined the high rates at the time. De Blasio and other Democrats would bring back the confiscatory rates but with no talk about bringing back the deductions that made them at all palatable.

Tapper queried De Blasio about his intentions for 2020 as it’s long been speculated he was eying a run for president.

De Blasio wasn’t for giving up the information quite yet. But he gave a warning about his policy intentions.

There are still a lot of “moderate voices” he said that have not learned the “lessons of 2016,” He said they could still “go a lot farther [left]” and he wanted to help “push the party.”