Chairman of the Democratic Coalition Gets Ripped For ‘Shameful’ Smear of Lindsey Graham

How far over the slide are some on the left?

It seems that we might never reach the depths.

But Jon Cooper, who is the “chairman” of the Democratic Coalition may have reached that today, so much so that even liberal media are calling him out.

The Democratic Coalition is a far left group organized to take out President Donald Trump. It website says it’s the largest grassroots “Resistance” organization with its sole purpose to counter Trump. It claims as members Democratic elected officials and people in Hollywood like Danny Glover and the Daily Show’s creator Lizz Winstead.

They push all manner of conspiracy nonsense on their social media against Trump and Republicans.

Here’s one example from yesterday from the “chairman” himself who has 230,000 followers.

Now of course this is what Democrats started when they hired Christopher Steele to try to delegitimize Trump. But this guy is pushing it even beyond the normal crazy.

But now he’s going after Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) with even more offensive tweet.

How low can you go? So low even liberal media condemns you.

When even CNN people are calling you out, you know how disgusting you are.

This guy is toast.

Don’t you mess with our 2.0.

HT: Twitchy