Red Lobster Pulls Advertising From Tucker’s Show, Conservatives Fire Back With A Vengeance

Most rational people who watch Tucker Carlson come away with the understanding that he’s a smart guy who knows what he’s talking about. It’s clear that Tucker loves his country and only wants the best for it and his monologues are often thought provoking but never really controversial. It’s common sense stuff. Unfortunately, the mainstream media and the liberal left gave up on common sense a long time ago and decided instead to push identity politics and hysteria. That has turned Tucker into a ‘controversial’ figure on the left and he recently triggered a whole bunch of people when he dared to suggest that maybe we should reconsider importing millions of unskilled workers into America from third world countries without any plan.

That’s an unacceptable thought to even have according to the left and Tucker has been losing sponsors over the last few weeks because of his views on immigration and the nuclear family.

One of the companies who has dropped Tucker is Red Lobster and they released one of the strangest statements you’ll see from a company.

Doesn’t align with your values? What values does a lobster chain have?

Really just a pathetic thing to do. They are hurting their own company by pulling out simply because Tucker said something hurt their feelings.

A lot of conservatives out there aren’t pleased and it looks like we’ve got a little boycott brewing.

Fox is standing by Tucker and for good reason. He did nothing wrong.

Are you done eating at Red Lobster?

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