NFL Team Hires White Head Coach, ESPN Hosts Immediately Accuse Them Of Racism

Unfortunately, the liberal left today looks at everything through the prism of race. People aren’t viewed as people. They are viewed as a black person or a Hispanic person or a white person. When you really think about it. That’s pretty much the definition of racism and we see so much of it on the left it’s hard to keep track.

We see it in the sports world as well and liberals have done a pretty good job of making sure that sports is dominated by racism as well.

The latest example comes to us from ESPN.

The Arizona Cardinals recently hired a qualified head coach that a ton of other teams were interested in. The problem? He’s white and the talking heads over at ESPN didn’t like that one bit.

From The Daily Caller:

ESPN host Stephen A. Smith blasted the Arizona Cardinals for hiring Kliff Kingsbury instead of potentially more qualified African-American candidates Wednesday.

“I’m gonna go here, and I’ll leave it at this,” Smith started. “You know we’ve got players protesting the national anthem and this other stuff — you’ve got the whole Colin Kaepernick thing. But I’m looking at the coaches that have been fired, and look at the coaches getting hired. Now, nobody’s going to say anything about that bu I’m seeing cats get chances under certain conditions under certain conditions that I don’t think African Americans would ever get the chance.”

ESPN co-host Max Kellerman corroborated Smith’s claims.

“There may be a new kind of soft racism or a kind of invisible racism prism through which things are happening right now in the NFL,” Kellerman said.

Good grief.

The NFL is already required to interview minority candidates which is ridiculously racist in and of itself. But, ESPN wants to take it a step further. They think teams should be shamed as racist if they don’t decide to go with a black guy regardless of who is the best fit. How disgusting is that?