Caravan Migrants Furious After Mexico Closes Down Their Shelter, Complain That They’re Being ‘Treated Like Animals’

The other day, Mexico decided to close one of the shelters that was housing members of the migrant caravan.

The migrants apparently weren’t pleased about it and many of them complained which is a little odd considering they have no legal right to be there.

From Express:

Maria Claros, 28, from Honduras said: “We had hoped that now with President Lopez Obrador he could see the conditions we’re in.

“They said he was going to help, but they’ve treated us worse than animals.”

Mr Claros added: “We don’t have anywhere to wash or do our business.

“I bathe with cold water when I have 20 pesos to pay for it.”

Thousands of migrants have been trying to illegally enter the US in recent months.

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From Reuters:

Many migrants protested, saying they did not expect other sites to be any better.

“Not one of the shelters in Tijuana has the conditions for them to keep us in … the authorities are tricking us,” said Honduran migrant Reinerio Laine.

By mid-afternoon, several dozen migrants had refused to leave and were joined by U.S. activists, as federal and local police in riot gear took formation at the entrance.

It sounds like life is really tough for the migrants. No one is glad they are suffering. However, at some point Mexico has the right to establish some authority and do what’s best for Mexico. Paying to house this caravan indefinitely doesn’t make much sense.