‘Tolerant’ Democrats Viciously Mock Melania for Boots She Wore in Iraq

Melania Trump just can’t seem to catch a break with liberals. You’d think they’d love her. She’s an immigrant. She’s accomplished. She’s smart. She’s beautiful. She represents the American dream in just about every way. And yet, the liberal media just can’t forgive her for committing the ultimate sin of marrying Donald Trump who interestingly enough was beloved by liberals before he ran for president.

Every step of the way Melania is criticized for the most petty things.

The most recent example relates to her recent trip to Iraq. No other First Lady has traveled to a combat zone since 1969 until Melania just did. You’d think that would be the story. Nope. The left is mad about the shoes she wore.

From The Daily Wire:

Once again, the mean girls Left is mocking Melania Trump for something completely ridiculous. The source of the ire now: the First Lady’s choice of Timberland boots while visiting American troops stationed at Al Asad Air Base in Iraq over Christmas.

Taking selfies while speaking with various servicemen, the First Lady looked spectacular as always in her “suede mustard belted blouse with dark green pants,” according to Yahoo News. Overall the meeting appeared to be a success.

None of that seems to matter though, because the First Lady can do no right and her use of Timberland boots is reportedly “out of touch.”

Melania looked incredible and this is just more evidence that she can’t win no matter what she does.

The best move is to just keep doing what she’s doing because rational people all across the country are loving it.


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