Chelsea Handler Tries Lecturing Trump Supporters – Winds Up with Egg All Over Her Face

Chelsea Handler is one of those comedians who isn’t shy about offering her political opinion. And of course, that means her leftist political opinion since that’s the only ‘acceptable’ opinion allowed in Hollywood.

One thing she isn’t is a lawyer. But somehow she thought herself qualified to lecture Trump supporters on the meaning of an indictment.

“To all the trump supporters who follow me who I have no desire to spend my time blocking, indictments are not fake news. They are proof of criminal activity. These are facts. Everyone is the presidents circle is a criminal because they all work for one.”

First of all, one can’t imagine that many Trump supporters follow her.

But second, no, indictments are not ‘proof’ of criminal activity. If that were true, one wouldn’t need trials or convictions.

What Chelsea clearly doesn’t know is that old lawyer joke.

And this statement that Trump is a criminal is also defamatory since Trump has never been convicted of a crime.

Fortunately, no one has to rely upon Handler for any legal advice.