WATCH OUT! Anti-Gun Actor Tom Arnold Claims the SILLIEST Gun Statistic Ever

There’s no question that actor/comedian Tom Arnold has issues. He’s obsessed with wanting to take down President Donald Trump. He has a show based on his futile effort in searching for the alleged “Trump tapes” he believes are somewhere in the mists. He even claims to have been questioned by the Secret Service over his nasty attacks on Trump.

Arnold also doesn’t have much understanding about guns.

But despite that, he’s been trying to spar with Dana Loesch, the NRA spokesperson, as well as others who know far more about the subject than he does.

Despite the fact that he claims that the NRA is a ‘terrorist’ organization, he refuses to report them to the FBI as Loesch suggests.

In the process of his rant, he just tweeted out a shocking statistic.

Well, it would be a shocking statistic, if it had any semblance of reality.

Wait, what?

Does he even understand how many millions of people that would involve if it were actually true?