NBC’s ‘Fake News’ Take Blaming Trump for ‘Targeting’ Brenda Snipes Will Blow Your Mind

If media wonders why they get tagged with the ‘fake news’ label, this NBC story is a perfect example of why.

For anyone paying attention since the election, you know what a horror show Florida was in terms of counting the votes. And not to blame all of Florida, but specifically Broward and Palm Beach Counties with Broward winning the prize for the most problems.

From violating the reporting laws and missing ballots to election forms being altered, it was a mess.

But look what NBC just tweeted out:

Are they joking? Has NBC become a parody account?

The mess that was wholly on Brenda Snipes and had nothing to do with either Trump or race. And the criticism from both sides was certainly well-earned.

And NBC doesn’t even bother to identify why other “black election officials” they are claiming were somehow “targeted.”

Check some of what they said:

From NBC:

“What is going on, all these many unfortunate days after Election Day, is the counting of provisional absentee and mail-in ballots and those cast on Election Day, which by law are all supposed to be counted,” said Carol Anderson, during the recount. Anderson is a professor of African-American Studies at Emory University and author of the book “One Person, No Vote: How Voter Suppression Is Destroying Our Democracy.” “What you see Trump and Rick Scott and other Republicans doing here is counting on the power of racism to serve as fact. Racism serves to erase actual fact and to pollute reality.”

No one was stopping the votes from being counted, Republicans were just trying to have Snipes and the Palm Beach County elections supervisor Susan Bucher (who appears to be white) act in accordance with the law. And the courts said they had been in violation.


Trump has simply borrowed from a playbook dating back to the period just after the Civil War, Anderson said, referring to a time when black voter involvement in elections began to be described as inherently likely to produce fraudulent outcomes. White Democrats, mostly in the South, often described black Americans as ill-suited to participate in democracy.

It’s a set of tactics and ideas that have been renewed with gusto. Since 2000, Republicans have embraced the same notions, claiming that voter ID and other measures which tend to restrict minority voter access must be in place to conduct secure elections.

There is no evidence to suggest that voter ID tends to “restrict minority voter access.” Indeed, suggesting that people of color are somehow not capable of getting ID sounds pretty darn racist.

Brenda Snipes resigned in disgrace after even Jeb Bush asked her to step down. And this wasn’t the first issue she had had. In fact, the real question was why was she still there?

People were just stupefied at NBC’s spin.

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