Bette Midler Attacks Melania as ‘FLOTITS’ – Posts Old Photo of First Lady in Attempt to Humiliate Her

It’s very interesting that liberals hate Melania Trump so much. She’s a hardworking and self made immigrant who speaks five languages. She’s also a beautiful woman who always exudes class whenever she speaks. You’d think liberals would absolutely love her.

However, it’s quite the opposite. She married someone they hate so liberals hate her too. It’s been really a shame to watch. Liberals just can’t seem to separate their hatred of Trump from Melania.

Bette Midler sure doesn’t like Melania and she just reminded everyone of that fact.

From Breitbart:

Actress Bette Midler smeared Melania Trump Wednesday, posting an old modeling photo of the First Lady and labeling her “FLOTITS.”

“The dry cleaning bill for the upholstery on Air Force One must be insane. FLOTITS” Bette Midler wrote in a social media post including a photo of Ms. Trump from when she was a model.

Maybe a little jealousy going on here what do you think? Also, is that supposed to be clever?

Bette is making fun of Melania for what? Being a beautiful model? The left mocks her for the strangest things. Chelsea Handler even mocked her for her accent. Since when is that allowed? Imagine if a conservative mocked an immigrant First Lady for how she talked. The sky would fall down.

Bette Midler isn’t a serious person. She’s not tweeting about policy. She’s not trying to debate about ideas. She’s mocking Melania Trump for being a model years ago because that’s all she’s got. That’s as much brainpower as she is capable of piecing together.