Comedian Norm MacDonald Tweets About Christianity, Leftists Immediately Implode

Norm MacDonald is arguably the greatest stand up comedian of all time. If you’ve gotten lost in the hours and hours of his content on YouTube you understand that. He’s hilarious in every way. One of the great things about his comedy is that he’s not really political. He understands it’s boring and easy. Comedians are supposed to take risks and not grab onto low hanging fruit like mocking the current leader of the free world.

Norm isn’t afraid to challenge people and he’s not afraid to take risks.

His Twitter feed is a perfect example of that and one of his most recent tweets just triggered A LOT of liberals.

From The Daily Wire:

Macdonald is obviously alluding to the switch, in art, from the sacred to the imitation and depiction of the Sacred to the human-focused philosophies of the post-Modern world. In the parlance of a Macdonald-era Saturday Night Live sketch, those are some deep thoughts.

But, as most deep thoughts go, Norm’s effort at eulogizing Christianity confused and befuddled social media. And leftists, ever-vigilant of the possibility that someone in the entertainment may be turning from “group think,” were left incensed. But also confused.

As usual, the outraged masses ended up proving Norm’s point and it’s clear most of these people have no idea what Norm meant and have no grasp of history.